I was given great advice earlier in my career, “Learn something new every day”

Hopefully you will have read many of my interesting blogs ! If not then take a read, about my incredible journey on how, even though I will be 50 next year, I keep happy, healthy and still keep my love of creating beautiful hair behind the chair.



You might remember that I started my journey aged 31,  when I realised that I needed to look after myself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt this would be the key to staying successful and being able to keep working behind the chair.



Wilf Proudfoot

Twelve years ago I met and trained with an amazing man, Wilf Proudfoot. This man literally changed my life, he was incredibly inspirational and had lived such an interesting life.  He was well in his 80’s when I started training with him.



The one thing I share with some of my clients is, a fear of what I would do professionally if I had to leave what has been my main career. For me this would be if I had to stop hairdressing, but  my clients have admitted to having the same anxiety from their own professions.  Some may have come to a crossroads, for example been made redundant at 50. I always talk about Wilf in my salon, because by the age of 50, he had achieved such a lot. It always amazes me to think that Wilf retired at 92 and he achieved so much more in the 42 years, which had followed his 50th birthday. Which to me is truly inspirational.



He told his students, that he woke up everyday with a desire to want to learn something new. He never came across as knowing it all and this inspired me to be like him. So every day I wake up and focus on learning something new that day. It could be something as simple as trying a product  on a different hair type. I am incredibly open to learning things from clients in my salon.  Also, I think I have been incredibly fortunate that I have had many inspirational teachers during my life. I think all of these things keep a person incredibly young and interested in everything around them. Which in turns makes for a more interesting person.



I feel I needed to share this with you, because talking of Wilf achieving so much after the age of 50, is  another tool in my box, which I use regularly to keep on working happily,  healthily  and creatively behind the chair.




So, have a go learn something new today! Have fun, smile, laugh and most of all  be happy.



Love and Light