Excitement builds, as we get ready to attend a really special Paul Mitchell event.

To celebrate 20 years of Paul Mitchell amazing hair Color products, Richard and I received a  very special and highly sought after  invitation, to meet Colin Caruso,  the inspirational Artistic Director of Color for John Paul Mitchell Systems  Worldwide. Who is coming from the States to the Paul Mitchell UK base, Salon Success in Aylesbury, to share his knowledge and wisdom with a few  hand-picked Paul Mitchell Salons. He is an internationally renowned trainer in colour techniques


Global Artistic Director Paul Mitchell Systems


You will realise why I am so excited by this invite. You all know by now, that I have been loyal to Paul Mitchell products for 20 years. These amazing products and tools, help me  to constantly update and challenge my own extensive product knowledge, to create beautiful hair all whilst working behind the chair.



This week has been the most exciting week for me. This year there has been a series of product  launches already, from Paul Mitchell  but this week sees a new further range The Demi Cool Collection. As I have talked so often about my desire to create my ultimate goal in coloring is creating the most beautiful blondes. I feel so excited for my blonde clients that their blonde hair will now be able to step up to another amazing level of color with condition and shine.  This will truly amaze clients and make them so happy whilst I work on their hair behind the chair.



I feel so positively uplifted by the new editions to The Paul Mitchell Color range.  I feel so excited about my future journey, the challenge of  creating the ultimate blonde .



I feel  I will be taking this energy with me to the celebration of 20 years of Paul Mitchell The Color Products and we both thank Paul Mitchell UK at Salon Success, for this wonderful invitation and opportunity to meet such people as Colin Caruso.


I will keep you updated on just how this celebration event goes. Keep an eye on my Twitter account @loveandlightmel


Love and light

Mel Johnson xx