What a week!

I know that all you busy hairdressers, world-wide will agree with me, hairdressing is mentally and physically exhausting. Some days and weeks can be more challenging than others.  This week has been one of those!


You will hopefully have read in my previous blogs, how I try to work really hard, to keep both my  mind and body as healthy as I possibly can.
I do feel at the beginning of this last week I was completely challenged, particularly mentally.


I am so grateful, that I really had listened to my inner thoughts at the beginning of the year, when I realised that I would be 50 next year and that I should really try to step up looking after my mind and body.


I feel I am extremely fortunate to have started to study Iyengar Yoga, three years and nine months ago (I remember the date very clearly). I have now reached a level, where I needed an intermediate class, but sadly in Bridlington there isn’t one.


But I am so very grateful to my Iyengar Yoga teacher, Christine Rumley, who runs, Yoga East Yorkshire  as she now teaches me privately.

After an extremely busy week mentally and physically, I felt after my class, I had achieved something so positive which again helps me continue to feel able to work behind the chair.

You may wonder what I was doing, I was working towards the challenge I have set myself,  which is do a handstand for my 50 Birthday.


In the preparation of learning to do this pose – called an asana in yoga,  Christine teaches you how to achieve a particular asana, by breaking it down into small sections all with such fine detail. So I now understand that when your body is in correct alignment, this is the only time when your body and mind will get the benefit from the asana.


To achieve the asana of a handstand, then the arms and wrists must be strong.  When your arms are strong, you become mentally stronger.


Like many hairdressers I have had some weakness in my wrists – not surprising having been working for over 33 years. During my career, I have known quite a lot of hairdressers, who have had to give  up the job due to damage to the wrists, due to years of blow drying hair.  


But now due to the training of handstand last few months, in my class this week ,I felt a massive improvement in my wrist strength and I felt the strength in my arms .


I feel so positive at the end of this really busy week and I can honestly say I am enjoying the challenge of handstand. But I can also honestly say, I had no idea when I set the challenge to myself, the huge positive impact it would be having on me, helping me stay mentally strong and improving my physical strength so much, which I know will help me work behind the chair.


I certainly have felt this strength this week. Mentally I felt stronger in the challenges I was faced with. Physically my wrists and arms feel so much stronger and I can see the positive results in my finished styles.

As a final comment I must say something about safety

Please do not attempt handstand unless you are working with a qualified  Iyengar Yoga teacher,  and they must have reached the intermediate level and above, as  this can be a very dangerous asana if not done correctly and under supervision.



Love and light
Mel Johnson XXX