Creating a clean blank canvas is vitally important to those wanting to create beautiful hair – says Mel Johnson

Being a hair designer, I know that in order to create a style to the best of my abilities then I must wash my client’s hair is washed before I start.


I am extremely fortunate I have a very loyal client base and I do believe, having worked extremely hard has a hairdresser, that I have been very dedicated to my clients. I am confident that this has enabled me to trust in my intuition when taking on a new client. My clients have to believe in me and the journey we will take together to create beautiful hair.
From the very first day in my very first job as a qualified hairdresser.  I found the most irritating part of hairdressing was trying to style hair, which has not been washed, where you are still fighting against the old style. This was a nightmare experience and as a young hairdresser it made me so harassed and dreading clients who just wanted that dry cut. I found I was always so disappointed with the style I had tried to create.
So yes you might have guessed, I will not cut hair unless the hair has been washed in my relaxing lather lounge with its massage chairs, mood lighting and of course using  the correct shampoo and conditioner for the chosen style. This to me is the first important stage of creating a  beautiful hair style for my client.
I do get very disappointed with some people’s attitude towards me , if they come in to book an appointment and I politely say I don’t cut hair,  unless I wash the hair first.
I am a hairdresser who has been behind the chair for over 30 years. These days, I love being behind the chair, more than ever. I have all my amazing clients, plus all my many tools and skills I have learnt,  to help me create that beautiful style. I am so fortunate to have all the amazing Paul Mitchell products, to work with, as they also help me create that beautiful style, which I hope provides such an enjoyable journey for my clients.
My clients have always been my best advert for my work and as such, I think I could be considered as an artist and that  my work is always on show.  So please respect my decisions when they are made for good reasons.


Love and light
Mel Johnson  XXX