Becoming a Yorkshire Salon Awards Finalist

I am  delighted to have received the news that I personally, have been shortlisted for the finals for two awards in the Yorkshire Salon Awards 2018. (You can view them yourself on this page)  The two categories are The Stylist and Colourist of the Year.  Also that our salon has also been shortlisted in the Salon of the Year category,  we are so pleased.



Earlier on in my career, I was determined that I would become a hairdresser who would remain healthy, happy and would still be striving to be an inspirational person, whilst still being able to create beautiful hair behind the chair. I hoped that I would still love sharing my knowledge and wisdom with every client who would sit in my styling chair, even after 30 years of being involved in the hair industry.


Hopefully, with the news of these awards, I will inspire other hairdressers world-wide and demonstrate that hairdressing does not have to be a short-lived career, as long as you take care of your mind and body.



You probably have already read some of my previous blogs, (if not, please do), many of which refer to my incredible 33 year hairdressing journey and how I constantly set myself challenges. What a journey it has been, I do hope I inspire you to take care of yourself,  because you truly deserve to be the best you possibly can, with a healthy body and mind.



I do feel my challenge is not yet over, I still hope to have many more years, working behind the chair. I still find that every day is a challenge, into which I put in all the effort necessary, to look after my body and mind.


I feel, god-willing, that my dream of leaving the hairdressing industry feeling fulfilled and that my career has been the best I could have ever dreamed off, is within reach. The one incredible thing I have learnt, is to have faith and belief in myself and to go with my intuition.


I now understand that when I dream of things and see myself in the future doing something specific. I need to keep believing and focus on that positive vision, even if it is so far away. I  have confidence now that the vision will become reality with perseverance one day.


I would like to thank everyone for being with me as I travel on my journey through my life.


Love and light
Mel Johnson xx

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