Yet another week of extreme heat – so remember to protect your hair and scalp from the sun!

I am sure many of us think It is so wonderful that the UK is experiencing the summer sunshine. The  sales of sun creams for protecting our skin will have had a huge rise in sales this year already.



But personally I am worried that I am not seeing any advice to help people protect their hair, in the same way as they do for their  skin.



I am very fortunate in my salon, as the majority of my clients listen to advice on the importance of heat and UV protecting products. I always strongly recommend a sun hat, to protect hair and the scalp in high temperatures.  There are plenty of options these days for example Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray   Sun Shield Spray Paul Mitchell


Please remember the sun is very powerful, as I mentioned in a previous post, if hair could scream in pain it would do, if you do not protect it. The sun will strip colour out off the hair, exactly the same as a hair lightening products, so clearly you cannot expect your colour to last in the sun unless you really ensure that you never leave it without protection.


Beautiful hair can be achieved 365 days of the year . But we need to take responsibility of our own after-care, please show some respect and appreciate your hairdresser, they do a fantastic job and remember your hair is your crown you never take off. So please look after it with tender loving care, just like you do your skin. Get some advice on the best products for your hair and make sure you use it.

So please do enjoy this sunshine but always give a thought to your hair and scalp.

Love and light
Mel Johnson  XXX

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