Celebrating my career and achievements

You may well have been wondering why I have  had a break from writing my blog. I thought I needed to share with you all the reason why. Firstly I must tell you that it is not due to a negative experience that has made me take a break from writing.


I have been busy creating my entries for the 2018 Yorkshire Salon Awards Stylist and Colourist of the Year.  I felt initially, it was quite unsure as to which category to enter as having had a life time of  hairdressing it was quite hard to choose.


In the process of creating my entries, I have had to do quite a lot of reflecting back on my career of nearly 33 years. I have come to realise and accept that this has been quite an incredible journey. I know some of you, will  have already read my website and blog to have an insight on this journey.


By entering the stylist and colourist of the year I am marking my having achieved  my ultimate goal which I set myself 18 years ago. This was to stay an inspirational hairdresser and one who had remained, happy, positive, healthy and creative. I really 100% feel I have achieved this to this goal.


I can honestly say I have never been so happy and healthy, creating beautiful hair behind the chair than at this present moment.


So by entering Yorkshire Salon Awards, Stylist and Colourist of the Year, has meant that the last two months have been a very healing journey for me. I have had to reflect back on my life and career, I felt a deep sense of letting go of any negativity that I had experienced , plus I have kept hold of all the wonderful positive experiences, I have had.


I have now come to realise that it is actually OK for me to celebrate my own achievements, animage showing bullet points about achievementsd things which  I have accomplished throughout my life and career.


This feeling will keep me moving forward in my journey of being that inspirational, motivated hairdresser working behind the chair for many more years to come.

So please take some time to celebrate one of your achievements, whether big or small .

Love and light
Mel Johnson xx