Mel Johnson explains the benefits of her Trance Relaxation class, and how it gives the attendees a good night’s deep sleep

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know I teach a weekly Trance Relaxation class. Each session when I bring everyone back from their deep relaxation, their subconscious minds are still listening and processing all the positive benefits of relaxation. One of the last words I say to the class are;

You will sleep soundly and deeply this evening. You will wake up tomorrow morning feeling re-energised, rejuvenated and really looking forward to your week ahead in a positive way .”


As a result of this, one of my ladies who has attended the class from almost the beginning,  says that she has become very interested in understanding how she personally experiences relaxation. She is also keen to understand the reason why she feels so positively different  on the morning after the class. So much so, she has started to monitor her deep sleep and says that the night of the classes, she gets far more deep sleep than on any other night of the week. She now knows how important relaxation is to the quality of her sleep and her life in general.


As a direct result of finding this out, she has now started to practice relaxation techniques as part of her daily life and is delighted to report that her deep sleeping patterns have improved amazingly.


I firmly believe that my class members not only receive the benefits of relaxation during the sessions with me, but they also receive the benefit of a good night’s deep sleep that night too.


Love and light
Mel Johnson