Meeting The Inspirational Robert Cromeans – a truly exhilherating experience says Mel Johnson

If you read my previous blog post, you will know that Richard and I were invited to Aylesbury to meet Robert Cromeans the Global Artistic Director from Paul Mitchell Systems





What an amazing inspirational hair designer he truly is. I know he is renowned the world over and is recognised as the world’s number one for his creative, artistic showmanship and his unique  performances on stage. Having met him I can honestly say that Robert Cromeans has genuine higher vibrational energy and he radiates love, light and positivity.



It is a long time, since Richard and I have met a someone who is as passionate about hairdressing as he clearly is with his love of John Paul Mitchell Systems, just like me and Richard. The other thing I would say, is that he is also incredibly very grounded and expresses his feelings of gratitude to be doing a job he clearly loves.  Yet another similarity to ourselves here at The Color Bridlington.



At the start of this year, I said to myself that felt that I would meet people with higher vibrational positive energies, which would then give me the opportunity to gain further knowledge and wisdom.  So far this year, I have met so many amazing and inspirational people with Robert Cromeans being the latest, and I am so grateful for these opportunities.



I  do feel that on occasions, I have been put in situations where I have been in the company of people, who think they have great knowledge and wisdom to share, but realistically they have none. Quite often all they have is their own ego and are so incredibly self-absorbed. Perhaps they are there to help me to learn about combatting negativity and help me appreciate who I am and understand myself and that it is not wrong to have a love of sharing knowledge and wisdom with everyone I meet.

So a heartfelt thank you to Robert Cromeans for sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Also for  radiating his love, light, positivity, his  passion for the hairdressing industry and John Paul Mitchell Systems. 


I will keep shining my light  while working behind the chair. I am sure I will meet him again one day on my continuing lifelong journey in hairdressing.

Love and light

Mel Johnson  XXXX