Loving Paul Mitchell Products, sharing our 20 year Journey!

Richard and I had a lovely surprise from Richard at Paul Mitchell UK recently, when we received an invitation to go Aylesbury, the UK base for Paul Mitchell, to a very special event celebrating 20 years of Paul Mitchell products being in the UK. We are to be the guests of Robert Cromeans  and Mary Cuomo, who are the Global Artistic Director, Paul Mitchell Systems and Head of International Educators respectively.


Paul Cromeans

Paul Cromeans Global Artistic Director – Paul Mitchell


So, I feel sure it will be very inspiring and uplifting to meet this amazing duo, who are known throughout the world, who also share the same love and passion for the Paul Mitchell brand as the Richard and I do.




I just love the fact that Vidal Sassoon once said of Robert Cromeans that he is the best showman he’d ever seen”


Mary Cuomo

Mary Cuomo, Head of International Educators – Paul Mitchell




After receiving such a prestigious invitation (there are only 40 people in total, being invited), it started Richard and I reflecting on the incredible journey we have had in our salons, with the Paul Mitchell product range.



We can still vividly remember the very first visit from Keith and Hugh who came to see us at our previous salon. Keith had only been in Bridlington once before and that was for his son’s stag weekend. They really inspired us and I remember sitting watching the video that they brought with them of the Paul Mitchell company ethos and belief in what is “behind the bottle”. Up to that point in our careers, Richard and I had used virtually all the different brands available across the hairdressing industry, but from that moment on, we knew that the Paul Mitchell product range, was the one for us.
Well what a journey it has been, I feel sure that when we first started to use the Paul Mitchell products, there were only just over 20 products to get to know and fully understand.  I have seriously lost count how many products there are now.  But we can honestly say we have used every product and know everything about each one. Richard is the absolute expert on each product, all of our clients are always amazed on his incredible product knowledge.
Using Paul Mitchell products has been such an exciting journey over the last 20 years. We could honestly write a book on our many stories, I am sure Richard from Paul Mitchell UK will remember us, as he came to us as his very first salon visit when he had just become a consultant for Paul Mitchell products.


Sadly on the way to see us, he had a car accident, then when he walked into our salon  one of our stylists was spraying Freeze and Shine (one of our favourite products of all time) and was creating the biggest afro-hairstyle on a young guy’s hair for 70s fancy dress party.  I’m sure he’s stll got the picture!!!   Richard (from Paul Mitchell) always tells us he has always been amazed how much Freeze and Shine we have used. We love to see Richard and he has always been a true professional he is an amazing asset to the Paul Mitchell UK team, and we know he works incredibly hard for Salon Success.


So you can see why we are so delighted to have been selected to attend the Paul Mitchell UK gathering. I will of course be sharing what the day was like and how it all made us feel, so keep a look out for the follow-up blog post.



Richard, my husband and partner, and I have been working together for 22 years next month. We have gone on to have separate business interests, which keeps us both incredibly busy. But we still work together in our own salon in Bridlington, The Color,  where I am sure, until the end of our careers we will continue to work together, just like when we first started with no staff, just the two of us  sharing our knowledge, wisdom and our love and passion for the Paul Mitchell products.



We really are the happiest in our work when we are behind the chair together, with all our lovely clients. I am sure sometimes, they only come in to experience the comedy hairdressing duo. We are incredibly thankful and feel very fortunate at this present moment in time. God-willing, we will be able to end our hairdressing careers  in this way, together creating beautiful hair for all our clients.
Love and light
Mel Johnson xx