Astrology, how it has has helped keep me behind the chair

It is only recently that I am starting to question what it is that has helped me to keep working so  successfully behind the chair for 32 years. As I result I have started to realise the lengths I have gone to, to achieve this.

You may not realise, but many creative people need to understand themselves and their inner worlds. I am no different to this and I now realise, I have needed to understand myself, the world surrounding me, in order to be able to keep myself working behind the chair. I do think that if I had not managed to understand all of this, then I would have left the hairdressing world many many years ago . So now I have reflected on my career, I have realised just what depths I have gone to in order to understand my world.

IMage showing Astrology as a language that speaks to you


Those close to me will know that I have been extremely close  to my astrologer for the last 15 years.  I would say she understands and knows me more than I do myself. She has taught me over the years to understand my the impact of my own star sign. How things like star signs and the universe can affect me on a day-to-day basis .This has helped me so much within my work.

She has always been there for me and I trust her impeccably. She will always have a special place within my heart.  For some people this is not something that they can easily understand. But for me it is an important aspect of who I am. 

Importance of Astrology and my Astrologer

My astrologer does not live in the U.K. now, but recently I was fortunate to be able to meet up with her, when she returned to see her family for a few days. I felt it was a great honour for her to give up some of her precious time to spend it with me. For those who understand these things,  I would say she has  a higher vibrational energy than myself. I am so fortunate that she is also someone who loves to share her knowledge and wisdom with people like me.  There really is nothing I can’t ask her and I know she will always give me a true full honest answer.

My astrologer has always said to me, astrology is extremely accurate, it is simply the interpreter who can get things wrong. It is accurate when it is based on the exact time of your birth. My own astrologer is an amazing interpreter and over the years been sometimes annoyingly, far too accurate.


I have learnt a lot about astrology in the last 15 years,  I would say the main and most important thing that my astrologer has taught me, is to be patient. I am not  a naturally patient person, but through her advice and the  lessons I have learnt. I think I can say that I am incredibly patient now. The benefit of this is that I am now able to listen to my own inner guidance and intuition. Which before I could not do, as I was always impatient to get to the next phase of things. I think I am much more content now to be in the present moment rather than trying to be in the future.



So I thank my astrologer so much, I thank her for teaching me the importance of being patient and helping me understand what being born under the star sign of cancer actually means. She has  truly helped me understand myself and helped me to become the person I am which is of course simply  Mel Johnson!


Love and light


Mel Johnson xxx