Mel Johnson says cleansing space around me is vital to stay positive

I wrote in a previous blog that I would write about how I go about cleansing my space and myself, removing any negative energies that sometimes surround me. I do feel within my work that I am helping people more and more and in particular I seem to be being asked about how should they go about looking after their own energy in order to live a positive life, which they recognise in me.



I find this is a subject people know very little about. Many are surprised when they hear me talking about the many things I feel I have do, in order to protect my own energy and the space I find myself in.  I am very sensitive to those people who do not look after their energy.  I seem to be  very sensitive to homes, rooms and even buildings that have not been cleansed of negativity.



Personally, I simply would not start my day without cleansing and protecting my own energy.   My home and family energies are cleansed, as are the rooms I will be working in. These areas are so important to me, that I constantly cleanse them  of any negative energies.


 Tools for Cleansing

The first tool in my box which I successfully use to remove negativity was shared with me many years ago. It is Californian White Sage and in my opinion to this day, is  the best, quickest and most cost-effective way to clean my energy and space.


Sage as many healing benefits which are well-known,  but it has also been used for many years in the ancient art of smudging.  The Californian white sage comes in a bundle and you burn it. The smoke is harmless and will not effect you when breathing in. I regularly burn sage in every room in my home and my place of work.


I do this to promote positivity in myself, it will  create a peaceful and calming environment and most importantly the sage will remove all negative energy.


It is incredibly important to me that I stay with positive energy. I work incredibly hard to live my life in this way.



I hope that in some way that this information is useful to you, as you will realise that I love helping others sharing my knowledge and wisdom.

Love and light


Mel Johnson xx