Signs of Spring, enjoying Daffodils a sign of New Beginnings

Image of daffodils Whilst I was walking to work today, I stopped to experience the beautiful daffodils which are all flowering now.  Daffodils are synonymous with the spring season. They are a symbol of renewal, a fresh start and a new beginning.



Personally, when I see a vision of brightly coloured daffodils, it reminds me of similar experiences of when I am working behind the chair with clients.  What I mean by this, is that I often experience a new chapter in a client’s life, a rebirth and more often than not a positive new beginning, just like when the  daffodils appear.

My daughter picked me some daffodils tonight from our garden and this really positive experience gave me a strong indication summer is on its way. The tiredness of winter is positively lifting, (at last).


Daffodils visually to me,  are as bright as sunshine. So bright vibrant days ahead, finally eliminating the negativity of winter.

Love and light


Mel Johnson xx