Experiencing Brilliant teaching of the Yoga Pose; Savasana

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that I study Iyengar Yoga, and that I firmly believe this has been one of many things, that keeps me healthy and positively working behind the chair.

My new year resolution for 2018, was to meet higher vibrational energies (positivity) and that when I was developing myself further in my own learning, I would stay away from lower vibrational energies (negativity). This year, already has given me lessons to learn, but I will write about them later.


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I recently took a day off work to go on a yoga day at The York Yoga Studio. I just love going there, as the place gives me such a positive uplifting experience. Laurie is so welcoming and there are so many positive classes and events which cater for everyone.





The senior Iyengar Yoga teacher, this time was Caroline Smith. Caroline had a beautiful calm, relaxed and positive energy. Everything you expect to experience from a higher vibration energy. Caroline was really inspirational, plus it felt like she really enjoyed being herself and sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her class.

Within my own teaching of relaxation. I am always interested in seeing how other yoga teachers teach Savasana. This is the name of the final pose where the body and mind relaxes, which allows the body and mind to be able to absorb all the benefits of the yoga practice.

benefits of savasana

I was really pleased at the Studio to experience Savasana with Caroline Smith. She really did teach it well. I felt completely relaxed and I really did feel that my body and mind both absorbed all the benefits of all the yoga postures I completed during this Yoga study day.


It truly was an uplifting and inspirational day. Thank you so much to Laurie at York Yoga studio and thank you in particular to Caroline Smith for sharing her knowledge and wisdom in such a professional manner. I really do hope to see you again on my journey in Iyengar yoga.


Love and light


Mel Johnson xx


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