Accepting myself – and important lesson for us all to learn

Yesterday (April 13th), was one of my all time hero’s birthdays, John Paul Dejoria. For whatever reason, I took some time to look back and to reflect on my work and other aspects of my life over the last few months. I have to admit that John Paul, is actually one of the many inspirational people who have given me hope and something to aspire to. Somehow he  regularly inspires me to keep working behind the chair,



It has now been a good number of months since I started writing this blog, and I think now I have finally reached the understanding of why I was still happy to be working behind the chair!
These last few weeks  have enabled me to truly start to accept who I am and why I am still behind the chair?


I know what my ultimate goal is, it is to be inspirational in some ways  to hairdressers, professionals, clients and class members, not just here in East Yorkshire, but using the power of digital, I want to be able to work throughout the world.


image saying Raise your Vibrations I truly believe I  have now accepted who I am and as such I fully understand my own energy and that the type of person I am who radiates positivity. But I also now realise, that I have the ability to eliminate any negativity that surrounds me.


I truly believe no one leaves me (whether my class, or my salon), without experiencing the love and light that surrounds me. With my creativity and intuition I will keep on shining bright I will not let negativity dim my light. I will make that positive difference to anyone that connects to me in my world.


Step into my world and please start to connect to me  using either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook .

Love and light


Mel Johnson XX

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