PhD – Professional Hair Designer – and proud to be a Hairdresser says Mel Johnson

When I was at school if you were deemed to be a low achiever, you were guided to attend further education college rather than apply for  universities. If you were female you were more than likely encouraged to study hairdressing, childcare or retail.



No one ever seemed to consider that you might have other amazing qualities. It always saddens me to think that hairdressing has always been identified as a profession for low achievers academicallysign saying PHD - Professional Hairdresser. It is actually very very challenging to study the science on hairdressing courses and there are many instances where the science and formulations would baffle many people with many more academic qualifications.



Even though I was perhaps considered to be not highly academic. I know I had the gift of creativity which could have, in my opinion been the thing to focus on. As a young person you are not always fully aware of the possibilities of other types of careers available,  so helping  highlight what  career opportunities there were for someone like me with creative instincts would have been a great thing for my teachers to help me understand all the options open to me as a young creative person.



After leaving school I have achieved many qualifications in my career and  I am very proud of my achievements.  (Please take a look at the list of my achievements at the foot of my home page  When I meet someone for the first time and they ask me what I do? I l will always say I am a hairdresser and very proud to be one.  I do not tell them any of my other skills or qualifications until they get to know Mel Johnson the hairdresser.

A good hairdresser I strongly believe have many amazing qualities. They are creative, caring, compassionate, understanding, loyal, trusting, considerate and are always there when people need them .


I am so proud to be known has Mel Johnson the hairdresser who loves being behind the chair.


It would truly be my dream to help to  take away the stigma that still exists,  that hairdressing is for low academic achievers.


Love and light


Mel Johnson XX

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