The Value of Time and not being a Busy Idiot is something that Mel Johnson knows all about.

It took me many years to understand why I value the importance of time and how important every minute of every day is to me.  I will no longer be that “Busy Idiot” I used to be in my younger life.

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Looking back over years, I now realise that I have learnt not to commit myself to anything, unless I really have the time to give and believe that whatever it is I am going to get involved with, that I will want be able to do it, positively, with a 100% commitment of both myself and my time.



In my hairdressing work, I give my clients my time and allow them to experience that at any one particular moment, they are my only client and that they do not feel crowded or rushed during the duration of their appointment. This means that they then experience being special and cared for by me. I will not double book any client, or take on any new clients, unless I have the time in my diary to do this for each person.



I treat every client, how I personally expect to be treated. Take a look at my previous blog on how I experience a client’s visit to my salon.



Equally I will not commit to attend any courses or classes, unless I have the time to give fully to attend. In my earlier career, my husband who is also my business partner, always arranged to take me to such classes, if they were out-of-town. However, I now know, that I quite enjoy arranging  my time to be able to go on my own. I think this is because I need to allow for travel time and to  arrive at classes or courses on time, I simply hate to arrive late for such things.



I have found over the years most people are not like me, I like to settle into my surroundings and prepare my mind for whatever I am studying at the time. I am extremely very respectful to the teacher and very honoured to being taught by them. I’m very respectful to the their time they are giving to me.



When I’m teaching a relaxation class, I always arrive to prepare the room and prepare my mind for the class. My class members are very respectful to me and they know I like them to arrive before the class starts so they can settle and gain 100% positive benefits from it<.They are paying for my time so all of this is very important to me.



When I have to make an appointment for anything personally,  I will not arrange it, unless I can make the time in my diary to arrive 15 minutes or at the very least 10 minutes before the appointment starts.



I observe more and more in all the different aspects of my life, and I often see the same things happening repeatedly. More often than not I hear the same sentence “sorry I’m late”. I often wonder if the person saying it  really means it – are they truly sorry?  When I hear  “I’m so busy” I often want to ask  “Are you really “? 

Poster of Punctuality rules


Perhaps the person who arrives in a rush – does not realise that the “negative energy” this disruption causes, can then take the rest of the appointment or worse still it takes a long time for the rest of the class to settle once again. 



Why do I radiate positivity, peace,  calm, love and light? This is the question I am asked all the time.



I think the answer is because I manage my time and I have learnt so many lessons in my life, that  I now know the importance of a living a  balanced life.


I believe at all times I am true to my client , class members and teachers. Then everyone will have a positive and authentic experience in my company.


I will not tolerate anyone been disrespectful to my time and I will not make myself a busy idiot!!


Yes there are many many things, I would love to do and achieve in my life but unless I have the time and I can commit 100%.  I will not  commit and I accept this now. So I feel I can enjoy the very present moment.


Most of all I have Always been true to myself.


Love and light    Mel Johnson xx

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