A daughter’s love for her Mother – an insight from Mel Johnson

During this last week, Richard and I went to the funeral of a very special client of ours. If you have read my other recent posts, you will have read about my feelings following the shock of losing this lovely lady.  (If you missed the blog post – (then please read it by clicking here)

We were both really pleased that we had managed to reschedule our clients in order for us to go to the service.  We must thank all our clients who understood what this meant to us both and helped us, by changing their appointments so we could attend.

Richard and I will never forget the amazing eulogy spoken by her daughter, who is Richard’s client, and is the same age as our own son Aaron. How that young lady spoke about the love for her mother and their journey in their lives together, was truly heart-warming. The love that emanated from her, for her mother, was felt so strongly in our hearts.   I am also sure that every single person  who was there, also experienced the same as we did. The love and positive impact that this lady  had clearly made on her daughter, will endure throughout her daughter’s life time.


I do believe strongly that life is never the same when you have experienced a great inner loss of a loved one. Life can move on positively, and you will always be surrounded by the love that  your loved one emanated. The love they have left you with, will help heal and rebuild your life.



The love and positive impact they had on your life, will give you the strength to face life without them. They have shown you how to live your life, in a very positive way. I feel that you owe it to them, to try to  live every day by making the most of each precious moment, cherishing all the love and happy memories, until you meet again.


If you can take something positive from your loss, then you will have a great sense of purpose to live each day and make the most of this precious life. That’s exactly what the person who loved you dearly, would really want for you. Take the positive from this amazing loved one and shine as brightly has they did,  with the love and the light.


Love and light    Mel Johnson  xx

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