Why I choose to live in this very present moment – Mel Johnson

It has taken me a long time and years of studying and asking many questions. I strongly believe we are meant to be here in this very present moment. AS such I believe that I am meant to be in the present moment and not in the past and definitely not in the future.


Working behind the chair, I see more and more people not living  in the present moment, they are stuck either in the past or are constantly thinking about being in future, which means that they are not focussing on this very moment.



My challenge to myself is to be content with the present moment, to be happy and positive to be here. If I focus on this, I  realise that I’m not meant to be anywhere else but here in this moment, this then keeps my mind settled and at peace.



I’ve learnt  to think that everything from my past has taught me a lesson. If not such a great experience, then I chose to heal the negativity which I felt, and then chose to hold on to the positivity that these experiences have  given to me.



I’m not saying I don’t plan into the future, because I do! I am really only talking about dealing wtih positive thoughts and events. I have learnt that if I keep my mind constantly in the future it makes my mind busy and agitated and I am therefore not content with my life.

It was like seeing the light when I realised.



Mel you are meant to be here now in this moment , so just enjoy and except being in the present moment, stay as positive has you can and don’t allow negativity in to your thoughts.


So now I can enjoy the fact that I am meant to be here,  experiencing life right now in this present moment.

Brilliant affirmation for you!
Love and light    Mel xxx

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