I just love Positive Affirmations, says Mel Johnson

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know, I really trust in what I do or say, and I believe in the old saying of

 What you put into life (and people), you will receive back  whether positive or negative.

In my 32 year career I have seen many people around me abusing their health, never taking care of their bodies or minds.  People never seem to learn from the constant lessons they are given. I seem to be talking more about the importance of this in my working day behind the chair or in my classes.


Believe me I’m not perfect in anyway. But I try so hard to maintain a balance in my life, with work, family, exercise, relaxation and most importantly Me – time (check out my other blog post on Me time)

Best Health Affirmations

Try it – see what a difference it makes

I strongly believe that your mental and psychical health should be  your number one priority. With out your  health the purity of life doesn’t truly exist. No amount of money can buy your good health and a clear peaceful mind.



So I urge you to start today by creating a positive mindset, which will then  help to bring about a positive outcome creating a healthier body. Start by saying each morning a positive affirmation for health. A positive and fantastic way of creating a healthy body and mind.


Your body and mind is not a machine. Start to take care, appreciate, love, and care for yourself, watch what you start to get back in return. If not, remember,  nobody is invincible and  the machine will break down and that one time it breaks down it just might not be able to be fixed.


Believe me I’ve seen it so many times on my journey working behind the chair.


But thinking positively,  I think I have helped so many clients to appreciate the value of their health, just remember to appreciate your own!
Love and light    Mel xxxx

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