Experiencing the loss of a special client

During my 32 year career in the hairdressing industry, I have seen many clients come and go. I’m extremely fortunate to still have clients, whose hair I have looked after for many years.


This week has been extremely challenging, after taking a call from long-standing client’s daughter, telling us that


her Mum would not be attending her appointment tomorrow, as following a massive stroke her Mum was fighting for her life in intensive care.


This was shocking news in itself, as the lady herself is a similar age to ourselves and her daughter is the same age as our eldest son Aaron.


Then, we got the dreadful news to say that this lady had lost her fight and died. I would like to take a bit of time to share with you what an amazing client she was. For 12 years this lady had visited my salon every four weeks and never ever cancelled.  She has been an amazing advert for the Paul Mitchell product range and for our salon The Color Bridlington. She would have the best treatments every visit and purchased all the products I recommended as she totally believed in our professional advice. She really had benefitted from all of these treatments, as her hair was in truly remarkable condition. This lady was truly the most amazing special client.  

My amazing client




On Mother’s Day today, I will be thinking and sending love and light to her beautiful daughter and I hope encourage you all to share the fact that appreciating life is so precious and you really have to enjoy every moment.


Love and Light Mel xx

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