Staying Positive during my Disruptive Week

It has been a very challenging week, trying to keep my mind positive, as it felt that the weather had really caused a really stong disruptive energy.


I started the week with the mindset that I would need to try to remain calm and positive in every situation. I said my usual positive affirmations each morning. Which always works for me.


I actually became increasingly tested has the week went by, I really did struggle to keep the mindset of positivity.  I felt I was being suffocated by the negativity that was around me, caused by the weather. The storm wind were causing extreme turbulence and a wild energy. The snow was causing scared, frantic, out of control and dangerous energy.  So everything around me felt negative.


Now as I sit writing this and I reflect back on my week, I  realise that I will always try to  change a negative situation into a positive.


How did I manage to do this?  I think by understanding the deep feeling of gratitude that came as a result of the week.


My understanding of this deep gratitude and the appreciation that I need to show to all my clients and class members,  who did not cancel either their appointments or coming to their classes. Having beautiful hair coupled with relaxation is always a positive.


I also realised that I am so grateful for my beautiful salon  (click on this link to go to the Salon website), for my lovely warm home, for my family who helped me during a difficult week and I am also grateful to all the people who have supported me.


This feeling I experienced of gratitude and appreciation, lifted all the negativity of the week and I now feel nothing but the warmth of love and light that surrounds me.


How did your week go? Any advice you can give about keeping positive?


Love and Light   Mel XX

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