How to Acheive Positive Benefits from Relaxation

My work, these days focuses on creating beautiful hair, but making sure there is time out for relaxation.

I have been teaching  a relaxation class now for 19 months and the feed back is always so uplifting and incredibly positive. I get a wonderful warm feeling when I see the amazing positive benefits which come as a result of the sessions. 


I try to encourage my class members to try using the technique called Affirmations. So once again I encourage you to have a go


Say out loud and in a very positive voice



I have fallen in love with taking care of my mind, body and spirit. I now live a balanced and healthy positive life.



My class is now full, but exciting news! You too will be able to connect digitally from the comfort of your home, watch this space, but I am intending to start in April 2018.


All of these things in my world, including my hairdressing, teaching my class, writing my blog posts and sharing my knowledge and wisdom all seem to revolve around how I stay healthy, happy, relaxed and positive working behind the chair.



So if you think that this could help you – have a go – practise taking Me-time and speaking Affirmations out loud and watch the positive benefits start to happen.


Love and light Mel xxx

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