How many times do you hear “I’m too busy” in your busy day asks Mel Johnson

I don’t know about you but I constantly hear this same phrase in my work  – “I’m too busy to ……..!”

Like many of you, I have a really busy life, I work full-time in hairdressing, I am a mother to my son of 27 and I have a 7-year-old daughter.  I am a wife, I run a house,  I see private clients, I teach relaxation class, I study Iyengar Yoga, I walk to work and back  …………………..,,


But I always make a little time for “me time”


I feel my work is about creating beautiful hair, which feels a natural choice of career as I am so creative. But the main focus for me these days in trying to look after my clients, is just how much I put emphasis on how important it is, for them to take care of themselves.

Sometimes we forget how important we are ourselves


So try this amazing affirmation process and see how you feel?



So give it a go – and  say out loud in a very strong voice;



I give myself permission to take care of myself,  I am very important in my own right  and when I take care of myself, everyone else benefits.



Let me know how you get on – drop me a comment and tell me if it changes your day?

Love and Light  Mel xx

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