Trance Relaxation goes Digital – Mel Johnson works with class member at a distance and they still get all the benefits

Last week I did something really new and I think you will be amazed when you hear what happened. One of my class members, was able to enjoy the benefits of Trance Relaxation from the comfort of her own home.



As many of you know, I  teach a Trance Relaxation class every Tuesday evening, the class is extremely popular and it takes place in my specially designed room ( you can check out my little video which is now on You Tube by clicking here),There is often a waiting list for people to attend.



One of my regular ladies has had to travel a long distance to come along to the class. So she has been asking me whether I might try to connect with her whilst she is in the comfort of her own home?  I knew she really wanted to see if she could still enjoy the class but without all the travelling.



After many months thinking about this and whether it would work. I made a positive decision to try this out using new digital tools.  Although I did not really know if I would be able to use my skills to put this lady into a deep relaxation trance, if she was not actually in the room with me.


I need not have worried – the  feedback I received was truly amazing and I really felt strongly that  she experienced  feeling of being part of the class even at a distance and that she gained all the positive benefits of my class.

Her response at the end of the class was that was fantastic, you need to  go world-wide with this class.”



This has given me such a positive experience and the confidence knowing I can connect to a person who is not in the same room as me and still be able to put them into a deep trance for relaxation.

So now I do strongly believe that I can work with people at a distance, knowing that they will still be able to gain all the positive benefits, in the same way as members of the class who are physically closer to me.


So watch this space for further developments



Love and Light

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  1. Jayne says:

    My name is Jayne and I am the lady who has just taken part in Mel’s trance relaxation class from home by simply using my iPad. As Mel says, I still get all the wonderful benefits of her fantastic class just as if I was actually there in the room. These classes are simply getting better and better. After the session, I have the best nights sleep ever and feel totally rejuvenated. I can’t wait for the next session to come around round. Thank you Mel for all you’re help and and support, love Jayne.

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you so much Jayne for you kind words and taking the time to write from the heart – Love and Light Mel XX

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