The most relaxing room and class in the UK

I really do feel that when I created my room above my salon, when I started to deliver my trance relaxation classes, I created the most positive, calming, peaceful, healing and re-energising  room in the UK. 


I used all my extensive knowledge and skills to create a unique Trance Relaxation class in my special room.  Every class member that attends these experiences benefit from both the room’s positive energy and they gain the positive benefits of the deep relaxation that I help them to achieve. They all tell me that this then shows in their lives.

I can honestly say that I really do believe that there is no-one else in the UK that has created such a unique room or the uniqueness of my Trance Relaxation classes.

If you have experienced such a class or know of a room that is as relaxing as mine, I would love to hear about it .


Love and light  Mel XXX

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