How I keep my Hair Salon’s Chairs in tip top Condition – shares Mel Johnson

I must have been 20 years into my career before I realised that I might try to clean my styling chairs differently.  My chairs as you can imagine, suffer from product build up and sometimes (rarely) colour solution might get caught on them.   For many years we tried using many different cleaning products but nothing would  really work, just like many other hair salon owners I am sure.  But I have developed  a wonderful trick, which I am happy to share with you all.  (With a warning – see the end of this blog) 



When I bought my very expensive cream coloured styling chairs and light tan back-wash chairs,  I remember that when I chose these colours, I did not give a thought to how I was going to keep them clean, I just really loved the look of them and I am delighted to say that 12 years on they still look as good.


My secret is  that  I mix 40 vol cream peroxide with some dual purpose lightener. I mix the consistency so it is a liquid, I then paint my chairs with it and leave it over night. Then next day I  wash them off with warm water and this miraculously removes all products off my styling chairs giving an amazing result!  I know this seems an expensive way of cleaning chairs, but if after 12 years my chairs are still in very good condition then this is well worth it.  Many years ago I was replacing chairs just after two years salon use.




Please only use my idea if you are salon owner and own the chairs you need to clean. I take no responsibility for any other  styling chairs, I just thought I would let you know it works positively for me and of course I’m responsible for my own salon chairs.


Love and Light Mel XXX

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