Mel Johnson says; “Taking on a new client is a skill that professionals have to learn”

First Meeting

It has taken  me many years to understand if you don’t gain rapport with a new client almost instantly, then they will not become a loyal client. I think this is a skill to be learnt by the industry.


Many hairdressers in the industry make a mistake when trying to build their client base. They often look at the prospective client’s hair first and base their feelings on this. But for me the most important thing is whether I have gained instant rapport with this person and if they seem to have relaxed during the first consultation. If they seem to be really listening and are concentrating on what I am saying and seem to understand me, then the relationship will develop well. When this happens, I find clients will be open to my professional advice and also I will find it much  easier to understand the journey the client wants to take with their hair and what they are trying to achieve.
Nine out of ten times a new client will come in to my salon with hair that really does a committment to spend time and effort on it, from both the client themselves as well as my professional input. I see this as the client stepping out on a journey with me, to get to their chosen destination, resulting in beautiful hair. If I did not gain rapport within seconds of meeting them, then producing the final result of beautiful hair will just not happen.

Skills Training


When I was at College this type of discussion would have never taken place – I suppose it is a really difficult thing to teach – but I do think it is a really important element of our profession, understanding how to build a great relationship with your clients. One of my clients has taken the time to write what she feels about the way our relationship has built over the years and how she then trusted me with her wedding day hair.  Read Amy’s story here



Personally I think I now understand that building rapport and trusting that instant connection, has been a vital tool in my box and I know, that this is also one of the most important things in my day which  helps keep me happy whilst working behind the chair with my lovely loyal clients.


Love and Light


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