Following hair style trends set by celebrities, is not always helpful for my clients, says Mel Johnson

Over the years I have seen different celebrities becoming almost as well-known as their hairstyles. I am sure you can think of a few. This then leads to trends in hair design, which can at times, cause professional hair designers to groan.


The reason for this is simple. If the new trend will work for my clients then that is fantastic. If the celebrity hairstyle is manageable and is something that my client can achieve in everyday life, great. But, in my experience this has been very rare throughout the years. A client only sees the celebrity in the pictures, what they do not see, is the hair designer styling the hair, possibly on a full-time basis, in order to achieve the amazing results .


As a hair designer this can be your worst nightmare when a client constantly looks at magazines showing a celebrity who clearly has their hair styled for their public appearances. The client will never consider that in the background there is a hair designer who is in total control of caring for the hair and that is why the style achieves the famous look.


To stop this happening when I’m working behind the chair. I  always encourage clients to learn to love and care for their own hair. Regular hair appointments and a style that is achievable using  amazing Paul Mitchell products in their every day life will make everyone feel like a celebrity.


Yes I do still have times when clients show me celebrity hairstyles, saying this is what I would like to have as my hair.  But in my world working behind the chair, honesty is my main tool.


In the Real World


I am not hairdressing in the celebrity world, which would be easy, as I would be looking after maybe just one client’s hair full-time. I am a professional hair designer being realistic and creating the best possible styles for my clients, focusing on condition and what suits the particular person. This I think, means that my clients are happy styling their own hair on the days that they are not in my salon as they are living their own busy everyday lives.

Always remember to care for your own hair after a visit to a Salon



So next time you see a celebrity in a magazine. please appreciate the hair designer who styles the hair and also start to appreciate your own hair designer as like me they are always doing their best for you  and your hair.




Love and Light Mel xxx

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