I used to say Dry Shampoo No Way! but Not anymore thanks to Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash

For many years I can truthfully say,  I had never recommended any dry shampoo from any range, to any of my clients.

But even I have had to admit that the Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is a great product and is the first and probably will be the only dry shampoo I will ever recommend to my clients, if they feel they need  or  like to use a dry shampoo.

I think it’s a great product to freshen up your style, it gives a lovely cooling refreshing feeling to the scalp without dulling the shine on your hair. The product also does not create any build up on the hair to effect any colour application. Since I have started to recommend it, personally I have not seen any scalp irritation which I have noticed when clients have used other dry shampoos.



Dry Wash is brilliant product if you need that bit of extra lift and body at the root, particularly if styling your hair for that up style. Dry Wash seems to make the hair much easier and more manageable to work with.



So take it from me, it is simply a brilliant product to have  in your cupboard, for when you just need that quick fix, to boost your style and same time your mood.


So take a look at our retail site and order yourself a really useful treat. 




Love and Light




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