Celebrating Three years of Iyengar Yoga!

This week (in January 2018) sees me celebrate studying  Iyengar Yoga for three years, I know that Iyengar yoga definitely helps me to successfully keep on working behind the chair, I think because of the things it has taught me which have improved my posture and physical strength so much.



From the very beginning I was told the two most important asana’s are the shoulder stand and then head stand, both need to be practiced correctly.  (Asana is the correct term for a yoga pose).



The shoulder stand has often been described as the mother of all yoga poses and the head stand being the father. From being told this, I was determined to learn these two important poses correctly and make them part of my life .
I knew both poses have huge benefits physically and mentally, but I was really  interested to read they are both beneficial for your hair.

The Shoulder Stand


Sarvangasana ( The Shoulder Stand)

This pose can prevent hair fall-out as it increases the supply of blood flow and nutrients to the scalp region. This clearly  helps prevent hair loss, hair falling out and even the  premature greying of hair.

The Head Stand




Sirsasana (The Head Stand)

This has the same benefits as the shoulder stand, but it is the ultimate in helping your body. When you are upside simply standing on your head, you increase the maximum supply of blood and nutrients going to the hair follicle.  As you can guess this promotes hair growth, for healthier and beautiful hair.


Please take note of this Important safety message from me!

Please do not attempt to practice these poses at home they are only beneficial to your health, if you have been shown by a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher who is confident in your abilities and then they will tell you when are ready to do a home practice.  DO NOT ATTEMPT BEFORE THIS!

Look for a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher in your area , it’s never to late to make a difference to your health and well-being.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!


Love and light




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