Celebrating Women’s Christmas Day, by planning to keep Looking 10 Years Younger

I  am actually writing this blog on the 6th January. Sometimes known as 12th Night of Women’s or Little  Christmas, when traditionally Christmas comes to an end and we really do start to think about the New Year and keeping to those new resolutions. How many of you have said you want to be fitter, healthier and look 10 years younger by the summer?  Well you won’t be surprised if I tell you that your hairstyle should be a crucial part of that plan.



I have now been in the hairdressing industry for over 30 years and I strongly believe your hairstyle is critical  in maintaining a youthful image. So your relationship with your hair stylist is vital. For me being a hair-designer I know I  must gain the trust and confidence of my clients, particular as they get older, even when they reach 30!  I need to be able to advise them how we should always be moving forward keeping a suitable a youthful image. This is my job working behind the chair, not necessarily the clients’ role, to create that beautiful youthful style. Clients can relax in the chair knowing I have all the knowledge and the amazing Paul Mitchell products to create that youthful style.




I do believe that the fantastic clients that I work with, all have a very youthful spirit and always like to look the best they possibly can. So that means using my creative skills and knowledge as a professional hair-designer to always create a style that achieves a youthful look, so they can genuinely feel 10 years younger.

Mel’s Top Five Tips for Youthful Image


A lot people may disagree with me but I have studied many courses over many years

so I  will share with you, my top five ways of maintaining a youthful image. Most lists like this will have  the same basic points  – which I agree with – these would be; good skin care and makeup; selecting the correct outfit; having a healthy diet and taking exercise all are very important in achieving that youthful look.

But on my list  the number one point for maintaining a youthful image is having the correct hairstyle. I strongly believe by creating the perfect hairstyle for my clients then they will be  extremely positive and have a youthful outlook on life.


So to look 10 years younger, I would start by creating the right hairstyle and making sure  the client is confident with the  new style. I believe everything else in my top five just falls positivity into place after this , which results in a happy hair-designer and a very happy client.
Enjoy becoming 10 years younger in your look and in your outlook


Have a great New Year


Love and Light


Mel xxx


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