Dealing with a different type of morning after, this time your hair full of product!

I have been using Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo 2 for twenty years. I always have this shampoo in my salon but not many people realise just how powerful it is. It works like magic!

I’m writing this blog post just after I had my hair in a up-style for New Year’s Eve. I have extremely fine hair so I had used some Paul Mitchell products to create and hold the style.  As you can imagine – to keep anyone’s hair up for any length of time means that we all often use lots of holding sprays or similar types of things.

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that I use the Paul Mitchell products, in order to make my life easier. But f you had seen me on New Year’s Day, when my hair could have been a  real headache, you might have looked at my hair and thought?

How  on earth is she going to get all those products out of her hair?




I knew that all I needed to do was to give it  one shampoo with Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo 2 and then a second wash with the particular Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner I am using on my hair at the moment. I had every confidence that the product build up from the night before,  would just disappear and no longer be on my hair. It was simply that easy.

Shampoo 2 is a brilliant clarifying product to use when your hair needs that deep cleanse. Brilliant to use before a deep conditioning treatment. Great product for men who have product build up on their hair.

So why not purchase today from our retail site?


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