Mel Johnson looks back and reflects on her New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Remembering last year’s New Year’s Resolutions


I remember clearly that my 2017  new year resolution was to not put negative pressures on myself and I set myself the challenge that throughout 2017, I was going to keep a positive mindset in every situation that occurred. This was probably the biggest personal challenge I had ever set myself, so far in my life. But I did feel on 31st December 2017, that I had actually achieved more than I ever thought I would and I felt a heightened sense of accomplishment with a strong sense of smiling.


This feeling of achievement about this resolution has led me to reflect on my year, it was the biggest challenge for me with lots of lessons to learn from along the way. I have learnt so much from the challenge of keeping a positive mindset.

So what have I learnt?

1.  I learnt that protecting my own energy was the most important skill in order for me to stay with a positive mindset. I started to learn more about ways to cleanse and protect my own energy. I learnt more about working with crystals.

2. Positive affirmations became a strong part of my life, I now will not start my day without saying a positive affirmation. I strongly believe in the law of attraction – this simply means what you put out to the universe you get back.

3. I explored yoga and experienced different types of yoga. I met different yoga teachers and I learnt that Iyengar yoga  suited me the best and helped me keep a positive mindset and healthy body.

4.  I have two amazing dedicated teachers Shirley and Christine. They are both highly skilled, dedicated and extremely professional in their teaching, I have found over many years that working with true professionals like these two ladies is the only way I can learn. I thank them both for their effort in keeping me working behind the chair.

5.  I practiced and studied meditation and am now delighted to be a qualified teacher.

6.  I realised that yoga and meditation have taught me how to find the quietness and peace within myself.

7.  Meditation and yoga  have also made me appreciate how important having good health is and it is the most important gift you can be given.

8.  I became to understand that being less materialistic was an important part of keeping a positive mindset. I had started to experience people around me putting their material needs before their health.

9.  The material world was important to me, but not anymore, so taking a more relaxed approach to getting my house renovation finished was a great feeling.

10.  I really think that keeping my health as my main priority has meant that everyone around me truly benefited from this.

11.  During the last year I have realised that understanding the people around me at a deeper level matters much more than I thought.

12.  I now focus on the positive people In my life.

13.  I have learnt to be more expressive and show my love and appreciation for the positive people in my life.

14.  I now understand when people are no longer on my journey and I always learn from the lessons they have taught me.

15.  I will always now remove myself from a negative situation.

16.  I will not listen to any  negative conversation and switch it to positive conversation when can.

17.  I no longer watch television or read newspapers.


These lessons learnt, all help me stay with that positive mindset.


Within my work, I have learnt to love my work for myself and I have learnt to say no to people who are demanding and not appreciating my professionalism and the love and passion I have for my work.


I have trusted my intuition when taking on a new client or class member. I now am extremely very fortunate I now have an amazing clientele and lovely class members who I love to be with them all.


After entering the Paul Mitchell Global Hair Competition and the chain of events resulted in me deciding to write my story to John Paul Dejoria, himself (co-founder of Paul Mitchell). To this day, sadly if not surprisingly,  I have never had a response. But simply writing it all down was  the most positive experience of my career, as it made me understand and appreciate who I am and what I have actually achieved in my life.  (Take a look at some of the things I have done over the years by reading these pages on my website, Starting Out, Gaining Confidence and Fascinated by Learning)



The story made me understand why I am still working behind the chair after 32 years, it also made me realise (and accept) that I am not just a hairdresser. I realised just how I use my creativity and intuition, always with a strong sense of giving back, using what I had learned from the inspirational people in my life.


During the year I had gained the wisdom to realise that one of my strengths is to guide people on positive journeys in their own lives.


The butterfly in Mel Johnson has begun to fly


I do now feel that by writing these blog pieces, it has had a very calming effect on my mind and it as helped me so much in expressing myself.



I no longer have a feeling of my wings been clipped and  suffocated in a salon in Bridlington. I feel a sense of being free and able to share my knowledge and my wisdom.



So 2018 will be a further challenge of staying with a positive mindset and the positive lessons learnt of 2017.


Have a happy peaceful, positive and relaxed 2018, but please do feel free to share with me your own resolutions for 2018.


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Love and light

Mel   xxxx


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