Enjoying Aladdin, the Pantomime at The Spa Bridlington

The Spa Bridlington Pantomime Aladdin


Christmas last year I was invited by Suzanne Shaw to see her star in Aladdin in York   (Debbie McGee supported her). We really enjoyed Suzanne in Aladdin and would have liked to have seen her in another pantomime this year. She is staring in Cinderella which I just love. But sadly as the theatre was in Birmingham and with having to work in- between Christmas and New Year we decided instead  to go to Aladdin in Bridlington at the Spa Theatre.

Well we were certainly not disappointed. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the Christmas Pantomime Aladdin. It truly was a positive and uplifting performance and all the cast members looked to be enjoying every moment they were on stage. I experienced a brilliant positive energy sitting in the audience.



I do love to attend as many events as I possibly can at the Spa Bridlington, as I do feel we are very fortunate to have such an amazing place in our town, I really respect the manager Andrew Aldis for his brilliant leadership and vision.


I even chose to  celebrate New Year’s Eve at Brid Spa once again,  for The Magic of Motown which was well attended and positively uplifting to begin 2018.

The cast members of Aladdin came to enjoy this spectacular event, after they had finished their own show. I was dancing with them all and it was great to see them having so much well deserved fun after working so hard with all their performances. It was clear to see, that they had just as much rapport with each other off stage on New Year’s Eve, as when I sensed it when I was sitting in the audience for the performance of the Aladdin Pantomime. I do feel this is a vital element when working together in any type of production.

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all involved in the Aladdin production and good health and happiness for 2018


Love and Light


Mel  XXX

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  1. Sylvia foster says:

    This is a brilliant blog enjoyed reading it I feel the same about the Panto it was brilliant can’t wait for the next production which is Cinderella.

  2. Mel says:

    Yes me too – can’t wait for that either. Have a great New Year

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