Mel Johnson asks the important question – Why look after your skin and not your hair?

In my 32 year career of working behind the chair, I have always found it incredibly difficult and  challenging to convince my female clients, that their hair needs the right products as well as their skin.


I do feel I was incredibly fortunate as a young stylist, I quickly learnt that for me to make a difference to a female’s hair I would have to use products I trusted and believed in. Only then did I think I would able to advise my clients about  purchasing and using the best products. As readers of my blog will know, the products I trust implicitly are the Paul Mitchell range, they keep me moving forward creating beautiful hair.


It has always amazed me how many females will have regular facials to look after their skin, but when I  have asked many of my new clients about having a deep treatment for their hair, they have never had one or never even used one.


I really do find it extraordinary that clients will buy new skin care products for hormonal change, or if they are tired and stressed, special holiday skin care products.  But for their hair, products will simply stay the same, even when their hair is also in need of a change of hair care products to help with the changes that are happening.


I am also amazed to hear how many females  upgrade their skin care to anti-aging products past the age of 40, but are still using the same shampoo they used in their 20’s. This is even more surprising given how much the products in the hairdressing industry have advanced technically in the last few years.


My advice to you all  is to invest in your hair products like you do your skin products. Have a regular deep treatment like a regular facial.



Invest in your hair it’s the crown you never take off!

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  1. Chris Mallory says:

    What deep treatment would you recommend ? Cx

  2. Mel says:

    Hi there, thanks for posting a comment about what treatments I would recommend at this time of year.

    Personally I cannot think of anything better than the Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque – which is part of the MarulaOil range from Paul Mitchell

    Hope that helps – have a good 2018

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