Dogs in Salons? Why not says Mel?

I firmly believe that dogs just seem to know just how you are feeling. They have the ability to calm and heal the emotions, although clearly dogs cannot talk, they do have the ability to communicate on a very deep level. They understand everything you say and what is said to them. They are not afraid to show their love for a person. A dog has the ability to help a person feel love and express it



My dog Princess just loves coming to my salon to see all my clients, many of them look forward to seeing her too. Princess really does have  such a calming and healing presence.


I work very hard to keep the atmosphere of my salon calm and peaceful. The correct atmosphere is vital to the clients visit to my salon. I am always thinking of ways to improve their visit. So Princess is a great asset to my salon and she creates that a calm and relaxing effect for my clients.

Princess is ready for Christmas

Like everyone else she is also all ready for the busy two weeks to Christmas. Take a look at the pictures of her in a cute Christmas jumper it will make you smile.  She is ready to give that much-needed cuddle in the very stressful, run up to Christmas with those clients who feel an affinity with her.

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