Mel’s Busy December World

Working behind the chair for 32 years, means that I have experienced many Decembers, you often hear people in the hair industry talk about “the run up to Christmas”.


A few years ago, the run up to Christmas would be a complete nightmare for me, with clients all wanting their hair styled ready for Christmas parties and again their hair to be styled as near to Christmas Day. Plus of course needing to fit in regular clients with their perms, colours and cutting and styling. Many salons, including mine, would have an atmosphere just like a production line and by the time I got to Christmas Day I just felt completely exhausted.


Many years ago I felt that there was going to be a change in the way we styled hair. I began to see less of regular weekly clients. I really loved the idea of having clients that I styled their hair with a color every 4 to 6 weeks. I knew colouring hair was the way I would generate business, fortunately for me I love coloring hair.



The hairdressing industry was encouraging all the hair designers to look after their clients hair 365 days of the year. This to me was saying a client can now style their hair themselves in their daily routine. Products started to immensely improve, so clients could style their hair easier at home . Tools to style hair became more accessible. The internet started to make massive impact and tutorials to style hair became more widely available.



I soon learnt there was one thing a client would never achieve at home,  the ultimate beautiful blonde. I do believe that is one the reasons why I have stayed hugely successful behind the chair. I moved away from the weekly clients and concentrated on my love of colour. I am so grateful I followed my intuition on  this.


So now the run up to Christmas starts calmly on the 1st December with a steady flow of clients that are having beautiful color treatments. My clients are very confident in their Paul Mitchell products and tools they style their hair with themselves. So their party hair always looks amazing.


I have accepted that  very few clients need you to style their hair for that Christmas party but they will always need me to create that beautiful Color that stands out as much as their style this Christmas 2017.


Make sure your colour matches your hair style this December and party your way through December.

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