Please stop thinking your hair should lather, if you use sulphate free shampoos

When I am working behind the chair in my salon the Color Bridlington, I usually recommend that my clients use  Paul Mitchell luxury range shampoos, because all of these are sulphate free and are much better for your hair.


I like to recommend sulphate free products, as I am sure many of will realise that using sulphates can dry either your hair or your skin, so it makes sense that using sulphate (or sulfate in the US spelling) free will help with any dry scalp conditions. It is also a bonus that it will not sting your eyes, cuts down on the chance or frizzing effects on curly hair and as I specialise in colouring hair, it is really important to inform my clients about the fact that sulphate really can cause a drying effect to coloured hair.


If you have read any of my blogs, you will know I like to have the easiest life possible whilst working. So I not only recommend  but I also use the Paul Mitchell luxury range, knowing this will always achieve the best results. My clients and their hair are the biggest advert for my work. So it is very important to me they keep using products which will achieve the best possible results 365 days of the year.


It is really important for you to remember sulphate is the ingredient that creates a lather. So if you switch to sulphate free shampoo, you will not achieve a massive amount of lather. So you will need to change your mindset to thinking that you do not need to create lots of lather. Your hair will be beautifully clean without a lather.


I do recommend to all my clients that they should always start with a very small amount of product and add more if needed. I advise working any shampoo into their hands, and then evenly distribute around the scalp. If the hair feels heavy with product then you have used too much.  This simple tip is very good advice,

work on cleaning the scalp and let the shampoo do all the hard work.


I always explain to a client when I recommend changing to a sulphate free Paul Mitchell shampoo about all the positive advantages. The client will need half the amount of shampoo, which means it is very cost-effective product to use, I have clients who tell me one large bottle does them a whole year! (Can’t be bad)

I hope this advice helps you to move forward to create beautiful hair . The Paul Mitchell luxury range is available to purchase from our website at very competitive prices.






Take a look here  (this link will open up on MarulaOil webpage but all the Paul Mitchell luxury ranges are sulphate free).

Do please let me know how you get on  – if you either change your shampooing technique or better still move to sulphate free products on your hair.




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