Well deserved Award for Anti-Bullying campaign from Paul Mitchell Neon Products

Fantastic news received from Richard at Paul Mitchell UK. The Neon Sugar Spray

has won a prestigious award for the best new hair care product, at The Beauty Awards 2017, sponsored by OK Magazine.



The Paul Mitchell Neon product has had an amazing year supporting The Diana Award Charity. (READ ABOUT IT BY CLICKING THIS LINK)   



Positively empowering young people to bring awareness, to tackle bullying in their local community. I really do believe that the Neon products have done a brilliant job sending out such a positive message to young females who need to know that they have the power to change the world, in a positive way .


I recently gave a full set of the Neon product range to my daughter’s school thinking they might use it in some positive way. The head teacher was really grateful saying it would really help with the school funds. I do hope that the school used the products and the media surrounding it in a way to benefit the children and the school community, as the Neon products represent much more to me than simply selling raffle tickets to raise school funds.  This range during 2017  has won awards from the You Magazine and The Daily Mail for this amazing idea of supporting ant-bullying. I am so proud to be supporting it, in my own way here in The Color Bridlington.


I do of course, understand donations really do help schools and they must use them the best way they can. But I personally had hoped that by giving the Neon products to my daughter’s  school, they would use them in some way to bring an awareness to a very serious problem in our local and world wide communities.  The global prestige of the Neon products represents positive action against bullying and I just hope that this message has a positive impact, even in small rural communities about this very serious threat which seems sadly to be growing everywhere.


I would very much like everyone in our local community to feel able to




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