Choose your Wedding Hair before choosing your Wedding Dress!!

Over the many years of meeting future brides, it still surprises me that I often find that choosing the right hairstyle for the wedding day is at the bottom of the wedding planning to do list. 

My advice to any bride, is simply that your hairstyle should be at the top of your list, as the number one  priority for your wedding day. It is one of the most important days of your life, and the pictures are forever.

Not surprisingly however, the top of their list will be the dress, bridesmaid dresses, the venue, the invitations, practising makeup, choosing a photographer, hopefully booking the  honeymoon and many more details. There will be always a budget set aside for these types of things – but often hair is thought about last and is almost an add on. 


As I have been behind the chair for so many years now and like many other hair designers I have styled so many bride’s hair for their wedding day. I have some thoughts to share with you  that might be surprising to read.


If I can, I always encourage the bride to think well in advance about choosing a certain hairstyle for her big day. Perhaps even daring to think of their hair first and then choose the dress to go with the hair style of their dreams. 


If this really is not possible and she does not yet have a particular style in mind when out wedding dress shopping. Then at the very least when choosing the dress, I would encourage the client to really consider how she might wear her hair to compliment each dress she tries on.


My advice to any client when planing their wedding day, is that they also need to plan a journey for their hair, so it will be just perfect on the day and will look stunning in those all important photographs.


I will discuss if the client has preference for whether their hair should be in a put up style, a smooth style, whether they want  long hair curls or a short style. I will discuss with them how together we will achieve the final style. Most importantly how often they will need to  visit my salon to achieve the final style. I will always advice them to use Paul Mitchell products to keep their hair healthy prior to their wedding day.


I will always have detailed discussions using my extensive knowledge of different hairstyles and which style of dress might suit which hair.


I might advise a client wanting to put their normally long hair up into a very neat smooth style, that a good choice would be to go for a more detailed wedding dress, as it will complement this type of style. If a bride wants to keep their long hair down with flowing curls, then it might be advisable to go for a dress with a contrasting smooth top line with little or no detail on the wedding dress. A strapless dress might well also complement this loose, flowing hairstyle. Short hair styles often give more options for choices of wedding dresses.


I will always advise brides to choose and decide on the hairstyle before choosing hair accessories, as flowers or hair ornaments can make or break the look they are trying to achieve.


My brides always experience a beautiful positive relaxing experience, in my salon on their journey to their wedding day and on the day itself.



We have been on a positive journey together. I have created a style that she is positively confident about wearing. I am the first part in that journey of creating the perfect day. These days I have the confidence not to take on being a bridal hair designer, if I feel that the hair style is not important to the bride.


My intuition has to tell me that this bride realises just how important the hair style is to both of us on her wedding day. This then guides me and enables me to create a positive journey right to the day of her wedding. With the finished style already in my mindset, I can then create one very  happy bride and personally be content as the hair designer who has sent the bride into her wedding day looking radiant with beautiful hair, created in my world.

check out Amy’s story on my website  – written by Amy herself after her own wedding 

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