Mel shares the benefits of preparing your mind for winter days

During my last trance relaxation class, I focussed on the subconscious mind of the class members,   helping them to understand the importance of storing positive energy for the winter days to come. This process will help them to feel like their batteries have been re-charged and the stored energy will be released slowly over a period of time.

I know that after a class like this, I personally also feel the benefits of following the same process, which will then keep me more proactive behind the chair, especially over the long, dark and cold winter days.

I woke up feeling really energised this morning and I was looking forward to my day, I cycled to work even though it was a very wintry day.  I felt just as happy as if it were a summer’s day.

I do strongly believe when I teach a class that if I enjoy and experience positivity, then my class members will experience all the positive benefits.

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  1. Christine Mallory says:

    I sure do hun “thank you ” Chris x

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