How to protect you Party Season Curls this Christmas (or at anytime).

Realistically most hair designers will tell you that you need to thermally protect your party season curls. That sounds really technical, but in this post I can share the industry’s trade secret.


We simply just use a really good product on your hair,  like the amazing Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press thermal protection hairspray.

I personally believe Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press is the ultimate product when I am curling hair, so much so that if by any strange chance I did not have any of this product in the salon – then I simply would not curl any client’s hair that day!! That shows you how much I believe in the product.


The reason I use this particular product is to give the hair the ultimate protection from thermal damage. I always use a Paul Mitchell product as I think they are the best, and heat protection is so important when drying hair.  I also use  Hot of The Press as the top coat for added thermal protection once I have finished the style. I just love the fact it does 50% of my job for me by creating a  great memory for effortless curls.


My clients and I, put a lot of effort into keeping their hair healthy. Styling without a thermal protection often just gives you a frazzled, frizzy, dry  and a very dated 1980s curl look.


I always explain this whole thing to my client by saying

You would never go out in the red-hot sun without a sun protection.
But at the same time you quite happily put – heat directly onto your hair.  If only hair could scream then you would know why it is vital that you always use a thermal protection on your hair,  just like you do for your skin.


So learn to look after your hair this party season. Create beautiful long-lasting curls. Hot Off The Press is available to purchase through our retail site  by visiting today


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