What positivity did I experience on Black Friday?

In September I went on a course about teaching meditation. On the course I met a very inspirational teacher Di Wilson from The Healing Touch in Staintondale, North Yorkshire.

Di told me about her career and how she had gained extensive knowledge about crystals and had worked with them over many years. Di told me that she regularly taught  a course in crystal healing, at that point I felt I had met a very knowledgeable lady.



Over the years I have been on workshops and listened to guest speakers about crystals, they have fascinated me for ages. My interest has kept coming and going throughout the years, depending on which courses I have attended and who I have met.

It must have been about a year ago, that  my intuition was guiding me to start to use the positive benefits of  crystal. I had been given a beautiful piece of polished clear crystal  several years ago by a client who gave it to me as a gift, after I had helped her through a difficult time in her life.

Strangely, but instinctively I knew that I should  keep it with me when I needed support and guidance. To this day that special piece of crystal is always near me when I am working.


The many teachers I have met over the years have all given me some insight into the ways that crystals work. For example I know that crystals choose you and you need to work to purify your crystal when you first use it.  But I knew I needed more knowledge on the whole area of crystals before fully understanding how to use them.


When I met Di Wilson I knew I would be given the information I needed to truly understand the positive healing properties of crystals. Di gave me the confirmation I needed to trust in my intuition and guidance when working with these precious crystals.  

Over the last year I have given so many crystals as gifts. If I felt the client or member of one of my classes need the support of a crystal, I will give the crystal to them as gift from me. The crystal gift I give to the person, represents  love, light, positivity and healing to help them on their journey in life.


On Black Friday I was in the beautiful village of Staintondale at The Healing Touch, on my crystal healing course. The day was spent in a  beautiful converted old chapel, in the company of like-minded people with the inspirational teacher Di Wilson. We all were amazed that the sky was  blue all day.


I had such an uplifting positive day, and no I did not purchase any  items on Black Friday, but I gained so much more knowledge and now feel that this understanding will have a tremendous positive impact on me, enough to  last a life time!


To my delight at the end of my very special Black Friday experience, I can honestly say that I have gained another tool to keep me working behind the chair for many years to come, and still with the intention of

Always giving back  by sharing my knowledge and wisdom.

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  1. Christine Mallory says:

    Hi Mel just bought a crystal and I am curious as to how to ” purify ” it before using it ? Chris M x

  2. Mel says:

    How wonderful that you have bought a crystal, I can understand you wondering what it means as to how to “purify! it – You have just given me an idea for another post – so thank you Chris – keep reading the blog and thank you for your support

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