What does Black Friday mean to you? Mel shares her thoughts

Black Friday! These two words create a completely negative feeling in me and creates a feeling of a busy, cluttered and erratic mind.

Three and a half years I stopped watching television and  I also avoided reading newspapers. I did feel this made a huge impact in my life and banished the experiences I had with all the negativity being shown on TV and in the media. I then started to experience a positive impact in my life.

So today, to mark Black Friday 2017, I have booked  to attend a crystal healing course, unusually taking a day out of my Salon the Color Bridlington,  so I can then avoid the manic feeling the universe is experiencing with the words Black Friday.


I try at all times to stay with a calm and a positive mind.


Friday is a brilliant money-making tool and when used well it can be an extremely positive experience for business.
But as for my own personal experiences of Black Friday I will be avoiding it like the plague.


But in all seriousness I do hope you all have a positive experience on Black Friday but you listen to all the advice and only buy things you were going to buy and actually need!


Enjoy your Day – I know I will enjoy mine!



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