Whoever said to blondes “go darker in winter and lighter in summer”?

When you love your blonde hair colour, do you ever wonder why on earth some people think that you should go a darker blonde for winter months and then lighten your blonde for summer? 


I strongly believe if you have your hair blonde, then in winter you need to go for a cooler blonde, especially around the face, to keep the brightness of summer hair. Clothes are often darker in winter, so compliment winter colours with a cooler blonde look. I personally always find that clients’ energy levels and moods are quite often naturally lower in winter. So perhaps this is why they feel they need to go darker with their hair color.


To counteract this, I always challenge my clients as we approach the winter months, to think about  the last time they visited my salon earlier in the year. “What did you experience when I coloured you hair last time ?”  (I do find using my skills in hypnosis and NLP helps me when I ask such questions)

often they answer

I felt fantastic

I answer as quick as a flash  “Brilliant,  so now I think we need to go brighter with your blonde, do you agree?”. Usually the answer is yes!!

Paul Mitchell The Demi Color is brilliant product and that helps me to achieve the cooler tone to the hair.  


Also I will always choose a Paul Mitchell conditioning treatment to create more shine to the hair. Which then when the hair is in fantastic condition the hair as an appearance of being brighter.



I do believe in the summer months, your blonde hair can go with  a warmer tone. My experience with blonde haired clients is that they are happier to go with the warmer tones in the summer months. Clothes are brighter shades, skin tones are warmer. In general you are feeling brighter in your own moods.  I do find clients who love blonde hair are easier to please in the summer months, generally speaking!


I still always work with The Paul Mitchell The Demi Colors to add warm tone and to the hair. All the Paul Mitchell Forever blonde products are a great choice in summer months as they work on the hair keeping it  healthy, strong and manageable.

I am extremely fortunate,  that I love a challenge and my biggest and ongoing challenge has always been  to create the ultimate and perfect blonde.


I do believe blonde is the hardest color to create,  I am sure I will never get tired of improving and creating my new formulations whilst I strive  for that perfect blonde color, I know you might think it crazy but I love being challenged.

Ultimate Blonde

Blonde hair color is the biggest factor  that I can guarantee creates loyal clients.  Why?  Well it is impossible to achieve a blonde hair color at home and not many hair designers can achieve the perfect blonde.


I know that success with blondes will  always keep my clients returning to my world behind the chair.  I currently have clients who travel from abroad for me to keep their blonde hair as they like it!!

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