A positive affirmation is such a great way to start your day!

I wonder if you realise the power of using a daily positive affirmation? It is such a great way to start your day. It really helps me to quieten my mind and illuminate any negative thoughts. I then really look forward to my day with a fantastic positive mindset.


I strongly believe that whatever thoughts you put out there into the universe you will receive inner strength and the power to go forward. This is the case whether you are speaking positive or even negative thoughts.

The first thing I do to start my day is to say a positive affirmation.

What does this mean and how do I do this?

I speak out aloud saying three times, any concerns or guidance I am searching for and that  I am hoping to gain positive guidance and positive outcomes. On the days I will be working as a hair designer, I will often ask that all clients will  have an amazing positive experience in my salon. I will ask for each member of my family or friend to experience nothing but love and light. I also ask for members of my family and friends to be guided on a positive road in their own journey in life and to keep them happy and well.


How did I start to believe in positive affirmations?


When I was going through a very difficult time in my life. One of my many inspirational teachers explained to me what powerful positive thinking was and how it would help someone like me. She told me that it was always going to be incredibly important to protect my own energy from negativity. I will write about how I actually protect my own energy in my another blog.


But this teacher’s explanation made real sense to me. She said that I needed to stop worrying and stop carrying the burden of everyone’s negativity. If you think about it, hairdressers are often the people who hear the innermost secrets and fears of their clients, quite often traumatic stories of very personal situations are shared in confidence with those working behind the chair.   It started to make sense to me, as I realised all I was doing was creating and attracting negativity for myself as I was absorbing other people’s’ sadness.  I understood why I often felt drained as my own energy levels had always become very low whilst I was being surrounded by negativity.


So for me personally “Positive Affirmations” have been a great tool in my box. Positive affirmations have strongly helped me, stay on a positive road in my present world. I always trust in the guidance of positivity.


Why not start your day the same way and see if it helps you too?

Share your thoughts in a comment if you feel you can



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