Where did the Six Week Hair Appointment come from?

Have you ever wondered which hairdresser convinced the client and the hairdressing industry that hair needs cutting or coloring every 6 weeks? Which has resulted in some clients thinking that they  must only visit the salon every 6 weeks.


This is probably the most frustrating aspect of my work.


Six weeks for short hair cuts?  Personally, I would recommend 3 to 4 weeks to ensure my client remains happy with the style and has not become over grown.


Six weeks for a colour? The benefits of a root color only lasts 4 weeks . After 4 weeks you will no longer will achieve the lift from the root . The natural colour will be making a strong appearance. For this situation I personally  recommend no longer than 4 weeks.


Six weeks for high lift blonde? I recommend  3 to 4 weeks maximum, to maintain that beautiful blonde.  After 4 weeks you have risk of banding on the hair and you will have also lost the effects of the toner. The toner counteracts any brazenness and keeps the amazing condition and style .


Six weeks for a conditioning hair treatment?  When trying to encourage growing healthy hair perhaps longer than previously.  I recommend a hair treatment and then a  blow dry every 2 weeks. By visiting every 2 weeks, this will give the client the confidence and the positive experience to carry on growing their hair to the length they would like to achieve.


So my message to you all is to STOP  believing in the 6 weeks hair appointments. It made such a difference to me, my clients and my results when I stopped myself thinking this way many years ago .

In my world I tend to think  no longer than  4 weeks between visits, this makes a happy client together with a very  happy hair designer.


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