My Number One Product is my finishing spray

For 20 years, I have  been using Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine Super Spray and it as never stopped being my number one choice as a finishing spay. Whilst I am creating styles behind the chair, this fantastic product (Super Spray), helps when I need to create a style that needs the hold. Freeze and Shine as never once let me down. I would say it is the number 1 Super Spay in the industry, the number 1 top seller, the number 1 product for repeat purchase in my salon and I strongly believe it to be, the most highly addictive hair product ever made.


Freeze and Shine Super Spray will hold any style in place, one of the best things about it, is that it gives the hair a memory. The product brushes out, without leaving residue on the hair, so the hair will have added Shine with the bonus of UV protection. (So important these days!


Freeze and Shine is a vegan friendly product, the entire range from  Paul Mitchell has never been tested on animals and never will be, I simply love the ethos behind the Paul Mitchell organisation.


Freeze and Shine Super Spray is a product that can be used to hold styles for either male or female and across all the age groups.


Personally, I  use Freeze and Shine on so many different styles, it is hard to imagine  a case where I do not use it. Short cuts that need that lift and hold.The tousled styles on both long or short hair, I even use it for Put ups when the hair needs really to be held in place. I use it as the hold for men and womens’ styles. For styles that need that extra hold, I guarantee that  Freeze and Shines is the product I will use every time.


In my world it is important to treat yourself, or a loved one. A perfect present if you need a style to hold. You all deserve the number 1 Freeze and Shine Super Spay to create happy styling. Available to purchase now at,  and it and will be delivered to your door.


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