Discovering a great styling tool to help care for the wrist, arm shoulders, neck and back

PAUL MITCHELL NEUROGRIP  – (check out the details)

Over the years I have met a lot of hairdressers who have had to give up their careers due to problems with their wrists  in particular. This is often due to years of blow drying hair with heavy hair dryers.  I have also had many clients who have also told me about problems with their wrists, shoulders and other parts of their bodies.

With this in mind the Paul Mitchell NEUROGRIP handle free hairdryer is something that I want to tell you about as it has been an amazing find for me. I couldn’t imagine just been a colourist in my work, I just love the art of  blow drying, styling and the actual finishing of the hair. I get such a positive feeling when a client looks into the mirror and sees the beautiful style I have created. My work has never been about the financial reward, it has always been about caring for my client and creating that beautiful hair for them.


So how does the NEUROGRIP help me?


Well for 30 years, like most hairdressers, I have always used a heavy weight dryer, I was so surprised when used the lightweight NEUROGRIP for the first time. So little pressure on my wrists, arm, neck and shoulders, I simply could not believe it. When I am using this amazing tool,  I do feel that I have a more even weight in each hand, particularly when I am holding a NEURO brush or my trusty Paul Mitchell paddle brush in my other hand. The weight is now much more evenly balanced between my left and right side than ever before and has resulted in a greater improvement in my posture whilst standing behind the chair.


This revolutionary dryer has not got a traditional handle,  so I can grip the dryer at any point safely due to its heat protective cover. This means it is so much easier to direct the heat down onto the hair whilst lifting your arm up. It is a real bonus having less weight when blow drying long hair and it means it is so much easier and faster to create a beautiful long hair style as it also creates smoother finish. The NEUROGRIP helps me achieve fabulous lift and volume  and it is so much easier to direct heat to shorter style. Just Brilliant! 


I also really like it because is less noisy. I can use the NEUROGRIP on lower setting which makes the conversation with the client much easier. I never have to turn the dryer off these days, to hear what client is saying to me. So this saves me precious time.


It also has a diffuser attachment for clients with curls, which means I can dry natural curls without moving the source of heat, which often can cause frizz and unruly hair.


My aim everyday is to create a positive, calm and peaceful day at work, which I hope will keep me behind the chair for many years to come. My secret is I do my work for me, if I am happy and enjoying my work then my client will then have an amazing experience in my salon and leave the salon with beautiful hair, having had a relaxing experience.

I was very aware that 30  years of using the same style of hairdryer could have meant I was at risk of a form of repetitive strain injury (RSI) So I am always looking to protect myself from this type of thing.  So by trialling this new dryer and now using it daily, I do feel now I am helping protect myself from RSI simply by changing one of the tools in my box.


I hope by writing this I will encourage even just one person to start making life easier for themselves, whether  they are styling hair at home or in their own salon. I am always thinking of trying to share my new ways of working  with others.  So this is just one of my many positive tools in my box the PAUL MITCHELL NEUROGRIP  Give it a try, I am sure you too will be amazed.

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